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Another Epic Battle Royale Game

The immensely popular battle royale game is back with fresh skin, a new map, and a whole lot epic battle. Fortnite Battle Royale – Chapter 2 is the new offering of the globally acclaimed survival game. This action-packed game boasts updates a lot bigger than usual, with a visual overhaul to make your gaming experience all the more exciting. 

A Reboot of Sorts

Fortnite Battle Royale – Chapter 2 has replaced the expected Season 11, bringing a ton of new skins and a welcome makeover for the game mechanics. To be clear, this game still very much a Fortnite game. Your goal of eliminating or avoiding the other 99 players who have parachuted into a vibrant remote island is still the core of the game. However, with this new title, the task will become more challenging. Aside from the new map and new ways to win rewards, the game also boasts better graphics. Sure, it still carries the Dreamwork-esque vibe that completely belies the tactical depth of the game, but the new island feels a lot more vibrant. The game looks cleaner and more vivid, making it genuinely look like a brand-new game.

Even the game’s layout was updated for easier gaming. The small health and shield bars are shifted to the side and made bigger instead of its typical location at the bottom of the screen. More so, the countdown is displayed prominently in the middle of the screen with you consume a shield potion or apply a Med Kit.

New World, New Ways to Play

Perhaps the biggest change showcased in Fortnite Battle Royale – Chapter 2 is its new game map, which features a brand-new island that allows players to play around in 13 different areas. The island comes with a lot more mountains and water features that go along with the brand-new swim and dive mechanics. There will also be motorboats that players can use to zoom and shoot around. Some of the island sections will also remind you of the Savage map in PUBG, which also had boat-based warfare.

But, while the game offers a new way to move around the island, it will have fewer guns. Fortnite Battle Royale – Chapter 2 streamlined their arsenal of weaponry to keep things simple. Mainstay weapons, like the pickaxe and assault rifle, remain, however. 

The game makes up for the cut in weaponry by introducing new combat moves. In classic Assassin’s Creed style, players can now hide in hay bales or dumpster to get the jump on your enemies. You can also put a fire underneath them by blowing up gas tanks and explosive barrels from afar. More, players can now use the Bandage Bazooka, which lets you fire healing bandages at your pals to patch them up in a pinch. You can also carry your fallen teammates and celebrate your victory with new group emotes like high five.

Fresh Start

With the core gameplay fans have come to love, combined with the new skin and game updates, Fortnite Battle Royale – Chapter 2 brings the series a fresh start. The tasks are more challenging, and the new mechanics make the game feel new even for a seasoned player. And while these upgrades will require hundreds of hours to get fully used to, the time you spent will be totally worth it.


  • Better graphics
  • New game map with 13 locations
  • Awesome combat features
  • Additional boat-based warfare


  • Weak Gunplay
  • Games become repetitive
  • Fewer weaponry
  • New updates may take hundreds of hours to get used to


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Fortnite Battle Royale - Chapter 2


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User reviews about Fortnite Battle Royale - Chapter 2

  • waseem khan

    by waseem khan

    the best way to show your self to the people so please make it available for Afghanistan

  • Meadow Carnute

    by Meadow Carnute

    i love fortnite its so surprising and you never know whats going to happen next

  • aungkyaw aung

    by aungkyaw aung

    very good
    i like your website ,i like pubg mobile ,thanks .please give me pubg pc for mac

  • Ariana Zamorano

    by Ariana Zamorano

    I think footnote is really cool because you get to play with your friends and get to kill people there I also a lot of places to land aMore

  • Aiden Testerman

    by Aiden Testerman

    it the best game i've ever played i play it every day most of my family plays it.

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