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Epic battle royale experience for free

Fortnite is a free-to-play action game. At its core, this mobile game is a battle royale experience, where players venture into a vast map, either solo or in teams, alongside a staggering 99 other players. Upon landing, the objective becomes a frantic race to gather numerous weapons and items while progressing toward the map's central area.

Fortnite has achieved worldwide acclaim, captivating players of various nationalities and age groups with its vibrant and visually stunning graphics and diverse collaborations. It has much more content than other battle royale games, such as PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS.

Build to victory

Fortnite is a great game to play from the popular genre, as it offers alternative survival strategies that will fit your gaming style. The game is free to play but has a large selection of cosmetic items available for purchase.

The developers continuously add new experiences to the game and skins and emote you can show off. The application also uses battle passes to encourage players to complete challenges and unlock rewards. While the initial download is small, the game requires a fair amount of space and system resources to run smoothly. 

Battle royale

Fortnite is a popular battle royale game where players compete against each other in a massive arena. At the start of each match, 100 players drop onto the map from a flying bus, choosing their location strategically to gain an advantage. The objective is to be the last player or team standing, and the game offers various tactics and strategies to achieve this goal.

Once players land on the map, they must search for weapons, ammunition, and other equipment to defend themselves and take down opponents. They can also break down trees, rocks, and buildings to gather materials and use them to build structures, such as ramps, bridges, and forts. These structures can provide cover and protection from enemy fire, or they can be used to gain a height advantage and get the drop on opponents.

As the match progresses, the playable area on the map begins to shrink, forcing all players closer and closer together. This creates a sense of urgency and intensity, as players must constantly adapt and adjust their strategies to stay alive. The safe zone shrinks in a series of phases, with each phase lasting for a few minutes.

Players can also collect resources, such as wood, brick, and metal, to improve their building skills and create more advanced structures. They can also find and use items like health kits, shields, and boosts to enhance their abilities and gain an edge over their opponents.

The game features various modes, including solo, duos, and squads. In solo mode, players compete individually, while in duos and squads, players team up with friends or strangers to take on other teams. There are also various limited-time game modes, such as 50v50 and 20v20, which offer unique twists on the classic battle royale formula.

Ranked system

Fortnite introduces a Ranked system known as Season Zero, which is set to endure until the forthcoming season's launch, Chapter 4 — Season 3. During this period, the developer will utilize the time to address any emerging issues and concerns while also focusing on incorporating additional features and overall enhancements for the upcoming ranked season that aligns with the regular Battle Royale season schedule.

All players are welcome to participate in the Ranked game, although newcomers must complete a quest of outlasting 500 opponents before they can gain access to join the gameplay. The Rank system will consist of Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Elite, Champion, and Unreal tiers. The tiers of Bronze through Diamond will comprise three divisions each, while Elite, Champion, and Unreal each have a single prestigious division.

Unreal is the highest rank, and once players attain this prestigious rank during a Ranked season, they will no longer be susceptible to rank downgrades. Unreal players will also join a distinct Unreal ranking system, which includes an exclusive Unreal leaderboard dedicated to showcasing their achievements.

Building in battle

One of the most unique mechanics in Fortnite is the ability to collect resources and build structures. This ability allows you and your fellow players to develop strategies that use ramps to gain height above enemies or crash through a wall when looking for loot. The building mechanics offer a unique twist on the classic battle royale formula, allowing players to create their own cover and protection, or to gain a height advantage and take down opponents from above.

There are three different materials available for building: wood, bricks, and metal, each being stronger than the last. Wood is the weakest material but is also the easiest to find, while metal is the strongest but is also the rarest. You can build a wall, ramp, or floor with ten pieces of a resource. 

For example, you can build a wooden wall with ten pieces of wood, or a metal ramp with ten pieces of metal. Each structure can be edited to have gaps or doorways that you can shoot from, allowing you to create a variety of different tactics and strategies.

Building is a crucial aspect of Fortnite, as it allows players to gain an advantage over their opponents. By building a ramp or a tower, players can gain height and get the drop on enemies from above. They can also create walls and barriers to protect themselves from enemy fire, or to funnel enemies into kill zones. The building mechanics also offer a way to escape danger, as players can build ramps or bridges to traverse the map quickly and avoid enemy fire.


Fortnite has many cosmetic items available that you can use to personalize your experience. You can purchase and activate emotes at any point, especially to brag about your victory. Skins customize how your character looks but does not affect gameplay.

However, due to the nature of emotes, you can use them as an advantage during the game to hide by sitting or dodging bullets while dancing. You can unlock cosmetics by purchasing a battle pass.

Anime skins

Fortnite boasts a captivating collection of anime skins made possible through exciting collaborations with popular franchises such as Dragon Ball Z, Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, and Naruto. These crossover events bring forth a diverse range of appealing anime-inspired cosmetics that allow players to embody their favorite characters from these series. The distinct art style of the anime series, combined with the visual aesthetic of this game, creates a striking contrast that allows anime skins to stand out amidst a vast array of other cosmetics effortlessly.

With multiple anime skins to choose from, here are some notable examples of the best anime-inspired skins available in the game—Itachi, Son Goku, Nezumi, Naruto, Erisa, Eren, Kakashi, Ochaco Uraraka, Beerus, All Might, and Golden Gear Midas. These skins beautifully capture the essence of these anime characters, adding an extra layer of excitement and personalization to the game’s experience.

How many Fortnite skins are in the game?

Fortnite, the popular battle royale game, offers a wide variety of skins for players to customize their characters. There are approximately 1,947 skins available in the game, although this number is constantly changing as new skins are released with each update and season.

The skins in Fortnite are categorized into different rarities, with the rarest skins being the most difficult to obtain. The rarities include Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The Legendary skins are the rarest and most sought-after, with only a few available in the game.

Players can obtain skins in various ways, such as purchasing them from the Item Shop, earning them from completing challenges, or finding them in loot llamas or other special locations.

Play with friends

Multiple modes in this game are available to fit your solo or group playstyle. Through your Epic Games account, you can invite or join your friend’s squads, with each team size having its game mode. Squads can be formed with two to five people and can be filled with random players if you start a match with too few teammates.

Is Fortnite mobile cross-platform?

Fortnite mobile supports cross-platform play, but there are nuances to consider. In terms of full cross-platform functionality, Android users can engage in gameplay with players on various platforms such as PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox One. However, the situation differs for iOS users, who currently face restrictions due to legal conflicts between Epic Games and Apple, preventing them from playing with users on other platforms.

For partial cross-platform interactions, both Android and iOS players, although unable to directly engage with players on other platforms, can still collaborate by forming a party with someone from a different platform. Additionally, Xbox and PlayStation users have the option to play together, but this is limited to public matches rather than private parties.


A change from the fast-paced battles and rushed shelters in the normal game, the creative mode allows you and your friends to build anything or explore other players’ creations. Countless community creations are available from the Creative Hub for you to discover.

Is Fortnite bad for kids?

Due to the lack of violence in this mode, the game is excellent for kids as it helps express their creative side. Even in normal matches, though, there’s no excessive gore or violence.

Weekly updates

Fortnite constantly expands as many additional cosmetics are added, fun battle passes, challenges are revealed, and new gameplay modes or new weapons and items are revealed. These new features provide an incentive to play, especially when you purchase a battle pass and need to earn your rewards.

Level up

Aside from battle passes and new game modes, there are weekly tasks that you can complete to level up. Through leveling up, you earn rewards and cosmetics that reflect your dedication to the game, as each player earns the same rewards.


Fortnite uses cross-play, allowing you to play matches with opponents using other devices such as Playstation 4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch consoles. You can also fight with or against players that are using a PC or Mac computer to run the game.

This may seem unfair as mobile has the worst controls out of all the listed platforms. However, you are more likely to play against opponents on the same device when playing alone. When playing against other platforms, you can rest assured knowing that you’re all in the same skill range.


If Fortnite Battle Royale isn’t your style or you’d like to try a different battle royal game, you may find these alternatives interesting.

PUBG Mobile is another popular BR game that offers a variety of modes for you to experience. However, like Fortnite, this app requires an excellent device to support its resource needs.

PUBG Mobile Lite is a more device-friendly version of PUBG Mobile, allowing you to use an older phone or tablet without sacrificing game playability. The app is still a great battle royale and shooter that’s fun to play.

Garena Free Fire is a survival shooter that’s free to play. The game delivers intense battles between you and 49 other players as you drive vehicles and find equipment, striving to stand last.

A thrilling fusion with Greek mythology

With four new points of interests (POIs), a hefty Battle Pass system loaded with stunning skins and camos, and a brand-new Greek mythology theme that transforms the map and some of the aspects of the gameplay, Fortnite’s Chapter 5 Season 2 has been a game-changer so far. One of its strengths is the new Bunkers, which are map aspects that add a layer of strategy and thrill to the game.

Scattered strategically across the map, these Bunkers become accessible only after the third storm circle closes, which heightens the risk of running into enemies while looking for them. There are nine of them and some are located near major POIs, including Classy Courts, Fencing Fields, Grim Gate, Lavish Lair, Mount Olympus, Pleasant Piazza, and The Underworld. Once breached, these safe havens will reveal a Weapon Bench and a trove of chests full of loot.

Play your way

Fortnite offers vibrant visuals, collaborations, and extensive content. It features a ranked system with various tiers, including the prestigious Unreal rank. This game also includes a creative mode for building and exploring, focusing on creativity and non-violence. The game's unique building mechanics, various cosmetic items, and regular updates contribute to its appeal. Players can enjoy the game with friends, and cross-platform play allows for matches with players on different devices.


  • Skill-based matchmaking
  • Multiple game mode
  • With ranked system
  • Tons of anime skins


  • Controls take time to learn
  • No cross-platform on iOS

Also available in other platforms

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Fortnite APK for Android

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 29.20.0-32716692-Android
  • 4.5

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