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Fortnite Battle Royale - Chapter 2help and info

  • What is Fortnite Save the World?

    Save the World is a sandbox, co-operative PVE game, in which a team of players band together to fight off hordes of zombie-like creatures. This portion of the game involves scavenging for weapons and materials, and crafting protective structures, or forts, hence the titular name. Character progression and customisable cosmestics are involved.

  • What is Fortnite Battle Royale?

    The second half of the game, Battle Royale is the multiplayer portion, which pits 100 players against one another in a large arena or map. The aim of the game is to parachute into the game and scavenge weapons and materials, before defeating opponents to try and become the last man or woman standing.

  • Is Fortnite free?

    The game is divided into both free and paid-for content. Whereas the multiplayer aspect of the game, Battle Royale, is free to download and play, the single player adventure, or Save the World, is not. The game has more than one price tag, with scaling price increments that provide increasing amounts of in-game gear.

  • How does Fortnite make money?

    Though free to play, the game was offered early-access for a sum. Since becoming free, it is still possible to purchase a 'Founder's Pack' with bonus items, as well as the single player game costing a fixed-price fee. It's also likely for players to be able to purchase cosmetic items for real-world money.

  • How does Fortnite matchmaking work?

    At the beginning of early-access, the game used random matchmaking to group together users into lobbies where ability did not matter. However, in February 2018, the game's producers announced upcoming changes to make matchmaking skill based, where a player's abilities will determine who they come up against in a game.

  • Why can't I play 50 vs 50 in Fortnite?

    The default game mode for Battle Royale involves 100 players going up against one another, though there are squad-based options. The option for a 50 vs 50 game has surfaced for brief periods, where the developers introduced trial game modes, but at the time of writing, it is not a permanent fixture.

  • Can I play Fortnite offline?

    Even though the Save the World portion of the game is free to play, everybody must be connected to the game's servers whilst playing. This means that no part of the game can be played offline. This helps producers to monitor and validate all in-game actions, preventing malicious behaviour such as cheating.

  • Can Fortnite run on a Mac?

    It's possible to run the game on a Mac system, though only on a machine that is running on an operating system (OS) that is either Sierra or higher. Minimum specifications stipulate 4GB RAM, a Core i3 2.4 Ghz processor, and Intel HD 4000 graphics for the game to be run.

  • Does Fortnite have aim assist?

    Though the console-based versions of the game have some form of aim assist, the PC and Mac versions do not. First and third-person shooting games are typically easier to control with a mouse and keyboard than with a controller, so it's not uncommon to see this kind of difference in setup across platforms.

  • Does Fortnite have cross-platform play?

    Although both Sony and Microsoft have been resistant to allowing cross-platform play for some time, it's possible for PlayStation 4 and PC players of the game to party and play together in the single player game mode, Save the World.

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