Fortnite is celebrating Star Wars Day!

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The MMORPG sensation that is Fortnite Battle Royale released a brand new update yesterday. In the promotional content released alongside the update, you can see new gameplay mechanics, loot, guns, and tweaks on all the usual contenders for new game updates. But Epic Games is also making good on their announcement that they’d be celebrating Star Wars Day in a big way this year. Get ready for the multi-week celebration of your dreams!


Epic Games is known, at this point, for incredible content drops surrounding pivotal events. Who can forget the Season 4 Marvel collab for Avengers: Infinity War or Fortnite x Marshmello in Season 7? The team is at it again, this time bringing you loads of Star Wars merch, alongside other great content, in celebration of Star Wars Day 2022.

Fortnite is celebrating Star Wars Day!

One of the most important inclusions in this collaboration is the lightsabers. All the lightsabers deal the same amount of damage and have the same capabilities, so in terms of the gameplay, it doesn’t really matter which you choose. But true Star Wars fans know that it matters a great deal which color you wield. We’d have loved to have seen Rey’s yellow lightsaber, even if just for further variety, but what we have is a good lineup of fresh weapons in any case. 

The weapons drop doesn’t end there, though. In addition to the four lightsabers, we’ve also now got the E-11 Blast Rifle back! Epic Games have also released new Star Wars-themed Quests that will be available until Monday, May the 16th. In these Quests, you can expect to do things like confiscate a landspeeder and use ‘Jedi contraband,’ which here most likely means a lightsaber. Here’s the best bit; If you complete five of these Quests, termed the Empire Accreditation Quests, you’ll earn yourself the Empire Banner.

Fortnite has also added a brand new non-Star Wars battle – The Battle for Tilted Towers. Join the resistance and push back the IO in this new POI Battle. You can also now attack from above in the brand new Choppa! 

Star Wars day in Fortnite won’t just be one day. It officially kicked off on May the 3rd and will run until May the 17th, 2022. In other Fortnite news, we might be seeing a Fortnite x Attack on Titan collab soon.

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