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How to find and beat the Carnival Clown Boards in Fortnite (map included)

Alex LaFreniere


Though Fortnite Season 6 is winding to a close, it’s not over quite yet. There are still a few more challenges to complete before the season ends, chief among them being a new mini-game involving some colorful Carnival Clown Boards.

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How to find and beat the Carnival Clown Boards in Fortnite

Fortnite veterans will be familiar with the basic structure of this mini-game. These boards are scattered in remote locations around the map, and once you find one, you’ll basically be playing a game of Whack-A-Mole. Balloons will start expanding from the holes on the board, and your job is to pop them before they grow too large and explode. Hit 10 balloons in a row, and the board will be complete. Complete 3 boards, and that’s one more challenge in the bag.

Though you can use your guns to complete the challenge, we actually recommend treating the Board like an actual game of Whack-A-Mole and using your pickaxe. Get nice and close to the board so you can whack the balloons as they pop up.

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Clown Board Locations

fortnite carnival clown board locations map
Carnival Clown Board Locations
  • Lonely Lodge- Found between Lonely Lodge and Retail Row, just alongside the main road that runs to the west of the two locations.
  • Paradise Palms- Found on a cliffside that overlooks the bridge that runs into the Paradise Palms desert area. Look for an abandoned truck to find this one.
  • Flush Factory- Behind a house on a large hill between Flush Factory and Lucky Landing.
  • Pleasant Park- Can be found in the southwestern-most corner of town.
  • Junk Junction- Located in the unnamed warehouse cluster to the southeast of Junk Junction.

Again, you only need to complete three of these boards to check this challenge off your list and grab those final few Battle Stars of Season 6.

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