Fortnite: to buy v-bucks, or not to buy v-bucks?

Trevor Hutchins


V-bucks are Fortnite’s in-game currency, but can be purchased for real-world money…. which means microtransactions. Now, “microtransactions” shouldn’t have to be a dirty word. In fact, we think some of the perks of buying V-bucks are well worth the cost, especially considering the game is already free-to-play! Still, these small fees are notorious for growing into large costs over time, so the question remains: what can be done to maximize Fortnite’s benefits without racking up a huge bill? We’ve done the math and figured out a few ideas. (Hint: they revolve around working towards a Battle Pass and then earning enough V-bucks for the next!)

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First, we’ll deal with two topics for housekeeping purposes: How to Get V-Bucks, and What They Buy.

How to Get V-Bucks

There are a few ways to get V-bucks.

  1. Buy them. As we’ve mentioned, V-bucks can be purchased starting at $10 for 1,000. Greater quantities are available, and the more you buy the better deal you’ll receive. Fortnite also offers a “Starter Pack”, which comes with a nice combat skin (this changes your player’s appearance), a new backpack, and 650 V-Bucks. We’ll mention this Starter Pack again later.
  2. Gain Battle Tiers. Each day, Fortnite offers players a number of challenges, things like “deal damage with shotguns”. Finishing a challenge helps you level up tiers, which will occasionally award you 100 V-bucks. If you get the Battle Pass, you’ll have access to far more challenges and rewards for gaining tiers.

Warning: There are some scams bouncing around YouTube that suggest if you go to a certain website and download two apps, you’ll get free V-bucks. Epic Games tells Softonic that the two methods listed above are the only legitimate ways to get V-bucks. If you’re seeing someone saying otherwise, they’ve got something malicious up their sleeve.

Next part!

What They Buy

When you get V-bucks you have a choice: buy cosmetics or a Battle Pass. We recommend the Battle Pass.

To grab those cosmetics, go to the “Item Shop” in Fortnite’s main menu and you’ll be met with a number of choices: skins, backpacks, harvesting tools, contrails, dances, and emotes.

Instead of purchasing everything you see with V-Bucks, consider getting a Battle Pass. For only 950 V-bucks, a Battle Pass gives you far more challenges over a 10-week period called a “Season”. Not only do the actual challenges themselves become more interesting, but every tier earned gives you a reward

Specifically, you’ll get a 100 V-buck prize every 7 tiers. With 100 tiers each season, this means at least 1,000 V-bucks… enough to pay for a Battle Pass next season. This is our main goal: buying one Battle Pass allows you to earn all those exciting new cosmetics and enough V-Bucks to keep going with a new battle pass!

Now that the stage is set, let’s get to the suggestions:

The Low Road: Spend Nothing

It’s possible, if very difficult, to earn the 950 V-bucks required for a Battle Pass simply by completing daily challenges. This takes great dedication, but once you achieve the Battle Pass, you’ll have paid nothing and can start reaping the benefits of your hard work.

This approach works great for those who are patient and understand that Fortnite’s perks are purely for looks (hence: cosmetics). You’ll still have the default skin and dance to keep you going.

The Golden Road: A Middle Path

Instead of waiting to earn 950 V-bucks, either buy 1,000 V-Bucks for the Battle Pass or acquire a 650 V-Buck Starter Pack and earn 400 more.

Either way, you’ve only spent around $10 and can maintain your Battle Pass status each following season as long as you earn enough V-bucks the previous season.

Bonus note: with Season 5 coming out, you can start soon!

The Highway: Get Everything

Of course, there are those who still want more than the Battle Pass can offer; admittedly, Fortnite includes a number of items that aren’t available through the Battle Pass.

If this is the case, and you wish to buy something else, we advise thinking carefully about your Item Shop purchases. Do you truly need a new skin or harvesting tool over the ones you have? How much have you already spent? How much are you willing to spend in the future? These choices are yours to make, but we encourage mindfulness. That way, suddenly realizing you spent hundreds of Real-Bucks won’t mar the awesome Fortnite experience!

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