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Fortnite Season 6: Where to find the Streetlight Spotlights

Alex LaFreniere


A new season in Fortnite means new weekly challenges. The challenges for Season 6 Week 1 are, for the most part, fairly straightforward… with one glaring exception. One of the weekly challenges tasks players with dancing under 7 “Streetlight Spotlights” which are scattered across the Battle Royale map.

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With no further explanation, it can be quite a task to hunt down these Streetlight Spotlights, especially with no indication as to where they might be or what they look like. Don’t worry: Softonic has tracked down each of the Streetlight Spotlights. Simply find the spotlight, stand in the pool of light, and use a dance emote to fulfill the challenge.

Pleasant Park

pleasant park streetlight spotlight fortnite
Pleasant Park Streetlight Spotlight

This spotlight is located on the northwestern edge of Pleasant Park, somewhat hidden behind a row of houses. As with all Streetlight Spotlights, it’s a normal looking streetlight loaded up with a cluster of white speakers.

Tilted Towers

tilted towers streetlight spotlight fortnite
Tilted Towers Streetlight Spotlight 1

Tilted Towers is home to two Spotlights. The first is located at the most southeastern corner of the city, on the corner where two streets meet.

tilted towers streetlight spotlight fortnite
Tilted Towers Streetlight Spotlight 2

From the location of the first Spotlight, head due northwest on a diagonal to find Tilted’s second Streetlight Spotlight, also located on a street corner next to a large tree.

Greasy Grove

greasy grove streetlight spotlight fortnite
Greasy Grove Streetlight Spotlight

Greasy Grove’s spotlight is located almost dead center in the town, in the parking lot outside the Durr Burger.

Flush Factory

flush factory streetlight spotlight fortnite
Flush Factory Streetlight Spotlight

The spotlight at Flush Factory isn’t actually in the factory itself: it’s located in the cluster of warehouses and industrial buildings to the north. Look for it on a street corner near the center of the buildings.

Fatal Fields

fatal fields streetlight spotlight fortnite
Fatal Fields Streetlight Spotlight

You’ll find Fatal Fields’ Spotlight on the northern edge of the farm, just past the corn fields in front of this long stable.

Tomato Temple

tomato temple streetlight spotlight fortnite
Tomato Temple Streetlight Spotlight

The spotlight at Tomato Temple is tricky to find. You’ll have to head into the underground tunnel on the road that leads into town. In the middle of the tunnel, look up to find the Streetlight Spotlight located within.

Retail Row

retail row streetlight spotlight fortnite
Retail Row Streetlight Spotlight

Retail Row’s spotlight is located on a street corner near the border where the residential houses meet the shopping area.

Risky Reels

risky reels streetlight spotlight fortnite
Risky Reels Streetlight Spotlight

The Streetlight Spotlight at Risky Reels is located smack in the middle of the drive-in’s entrance, just outside the ticket booth.

Truck Stop

truck stop streetlight spotlight fortnite
Truck Stop Streetlight Spotlight

This truck stop is an unmarked location in the desert area located on the southeast corner of the map. The truck stop can be found just east of Lucky Landing, and the spotlight is out front next to the main road.


junkyard streetlight spotlight fortnite
Junkyard Streetlight Spotlight

Just to the south of Paradise Palms is an unmarked junkyard that’s home to this Streetlight Spotlight.


mansion streetlight spotlight fortnite
Mansion Streetlight Spotlight

The superhero mansion on the east side of the map is the location for this Spotlight. You’ll find it at the gatehouse at the end of the mansion’s driveway.

Lazy Links

lazy links streetlight spotlight fortnite
Lazy Links Streetlight Spotlight

This spotlight is hard to miss. You’ll find it in the middle of the parking lot outside Lazy Links.

Soccer Stadium

soccer stadium streetlight spotlight fortnite
Soccer Stadium Streetlight Spotlight

To the west of Tilted Towers is a large unmarked location housing an indoor soccer stadium. This Streetlight spotlight can be found at the intersection outside the stadium.

All of the Streetlight Spotlights are marked on the map below. Get out there and get dancing!

streetlight spotlight map locations fortnite
Streetlight Spotlight map locations

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