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Fortnite Season 10 Week 3: Worlds Collide Challenge Guide

Alex LaFreniere


We’re getting another Season 5 throwback with this week’s set of challenges, dubbed “Worlds Collide.” You’ll be hanging around in the deserts and messing with rifts this week, with a few damage-dealing challenges and other tasks tossed in for good measure. Read on for our guide to both the regular and prestige challenge sets for Week 3.

Fortnite Season 10 Week 3: Worlds Collide Challenge Guide

Use a Rift

fortnite season 10 week 3 rifts
Image courtesy Epic Games

This week’s first challenge should be pretty simple. Rifts (pictured above) look like glowing blue cracks in the sky, and were originally plentiful in Season 5. Now, however, they’re clustered around very particular locations. You can reliably find them near the Durrr Burger head on the outskirts of Pleasant Park and near the stagecoach outside of Paradise Palms. Simply walk into one to complete the challenge.

Visit a Rift Zone

fortnite season 10 week 3 rift zone
Image courtesy Epic Games

Rift Zones are new this season, and are letting us step back into the past with some of our favorite locations. We’ve already seen Tilted get a Wild West-themed makeover, and this week Mega Mall has been replaced by Retail Row. Rift Zones are easy to spot from the Battle Bus. As shown in the image above, they’re surrounded by a glowing blue aura. Head to either one and step inside to complete this challenge.

Deal damage to opponents at a mountain top Viking Village or Loot Lake (200)

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These two locations were central to Season 5. Of the two, you’re probably more likely to encounter enemies at Loot Lake, as it’s a more central and higher traffic location. You don’t have to get eliminations for this one: all you have to do is hit opponents for 200 points of damage.

Visit a memorial to a Cube in a desert or by a lake

fortnite season 10 week 3 cube memorial
Image courtesy Epic Games

Oh, Kevin. How we miss you. Two new memorials for our dearly departed Cube friends have been added to the map, and you’ll be paying them a visit for this challenge. One is located on the desert mesa where Kevin the Cube originally appeared on the map. The second is located on the southern edge of Loot Lake, where Kevin took his final bow. Head to either one to finish the challenge. Check out the map below for their exact locations.

fortnite season 10 week 3 cube memorial map
Image courtesy Epic Games

Eliminate opponents in the desert (3)

The desert area is vast, and it doesn’t matter where you end up taking out the required 3 opponents for this challenge. Paradise Palms is likely your best bet, and we also recommend Team Rumble for this one. If you luck out, the storm will close in around the desert area, making these eliminations easy to get.

Search chests at Loot Lake (3)

Time to get hunting. Pop open three chests at Loot Lake and nab yourself some easy rewards.

Consume foraged mushrooms (10)

Under normal circumstances, we’d recommend shying away from eating strange glowing mushrooms, but this time we’ll make an exception. You’ve probably seen these consumables spawning in clusters around the map; eating them will give you a small shield boost. Find and eat 10 of them to finish the challenge.

Fortnite Worlds Collide Prestige Challenge Guide

Use Rifts (4)

For this week’s Prestige challenges, your quotas are being up. Find and use four Rifts to finish this one. Again, we recommend visiting the clusters mentioned above.

Visit Rift Zones (5)

This challenge is going to take a bit to complete, namely because five Rift Zones haven’t appeared on the map yet. So far, we’ve got two, so you can start off by heading to those. Keep an eye out for others as they appear in the coming weeks.

Eliminate opponents at a mountain top Viking Village or Loot Lake (3)

Instead of damage, you’re now tasked with eliminating opponents at the above locations. The same tip holds true: you’ll probably have better luck at Loot Lake, and you may want to consider taking this one on in a Team Rumble gametype.

Visit Cube memorials in a desert and by a Lake

One memorial won’t cut it this time around. You’ll need to pay a visit to both. Refer to the map above to narrow down their exact locations.

Eliminate opponents at Paradise Palms or Fatal Fields (4)

This elimination challenge tasks you with taking down opponents in either one of the above locations. Both tend to be fairly high-traffic, so either one is a good bet for tracking down the required number of opponents.

Search chests at Loot Lake or Lucky Landing (7)

It’s chests galore for this one. Of the two, Lucky Landing is probably the easier location to polish this one off. It tends to be a bit quieter, so you’ll probably be able to find the required 7 chests in a single go.

Consume foraged mushrooms in a single match (5)

You don’t have to consume as many mushrooms for this prestige challenge, but the catch is that you’ll have to consume them all in one go. Fear not: mushrooms tend to appear in clusters, and where you find one you’ll definitely find more. The trick is making sure your shields are low enough to allow you to consume all five. Make sure you leave space for 25 points of shield and you should be golden.

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