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Fortnite Season 10 Week 1: Rumble Royale Challenge Guide

Alex LaFreniere


Fortnite’s second set of Week 1 “missions” puts the spotlight squarely on Team Rumble. All of the challenges listed below will need to be completed within the team-based gametype; doing so will net you a hefty amount of Battle Stars as well as some unique cosmetic items. Check out our guide below for tips on how to finish off the Rumble Royale challenge set quickly and easily.


Fortnite Season 10 Week 1: Rumble Royale Challenge Guide

Play matches of Team Rumble with at least one elimination (5)

fortnite season 10 eliminations rumble royale
Image courtesy Epic Games

This one is rather self-explanatory; simply hop into Team Rumble and start attacking opponents. You’ll need to eliminate at least one opponent over the course of five different matches to snag the rewards for this challenge.

Win a match of Team Rumble (3)

To the victors go the spoils, especially for this challenge. You’ll need to be part of the winning team for three Team Rumble matches to finish this challenge.

Assist teammates with eliminations in Team Rumble (20)

This challenge is a bit more finicky than the others; you’ll need to provide an assist on 20 Team Rumble eliminations. There’s no sure-fire way to do this except to hop into a match and start shooting. You’ll likely luck into finishing this challenge the more opponents you eliminate.

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Build structures with the X-Lord outfit in Team Rumble (200)

fortnite season 10 dusty depot
Image courtesy Epic Games

You’ll need to don one of the new Battle Pass outfits for Season 10 to start this challenge. Throw on the X-Lord outfit, then start building. Simply mine as much material as you can and start throwing up structures. You don’t need to be particular about it; any structure will do. Once you hit the threshold you’ll finish the challenge.

Damage opponents in a single match of Team Rumble (500)

Once again, you’ll be getting aggressive for this one. You’ll need to deal 500 damage to your enemies in a single match. This should be very doable; grab whatever weapons you’re most comfortable with and start attacking any enemies in sight.

Eliminate opponents less than 5m away in Team Rumble (5)

For this one, you’ll be getting up close and personal. As such, try to grab yourself a shotgun. It can be hard to judge distance in-game, so get as close as you can before opening fire. Once you’ve killed five enemies, this one will be done.

Search Supply Drops in Team Rumble (5)

Supply Drops are far more plentiful in Team Rumble than in other game modes. They practically rain down on the battlefield. It might take a couple matches, but finding and searching five of them shouldn’t be too hard. They’re also marked on the minimap, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble tracking them down.

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