What’s in store for Fortnite Season 10

Alex LaFreniere


Fortnite Season 9 is coming to a close, which means Season 10 is looming large on the horizon. Compared to previous seasons, we haven’t received many hints as to what might be in store for Season 10. That said, the clues that we’ve received so far have been big… literally. Read on for more about the monsters, mechs, and mayhem coming your way for Fortnite Season 10.

What’s in store for Fortnite Season 10

The Monster

fortnite season 10 monster tracks
Image courtesy Epic Games

Fortnite’s had a monster problem for some time now. This mysterious creature, dubbed “Cattus,” first appeared after Season 8 came to its cataclysmic end. After the volcano rained destruction across the map, the Cattus monster began to stir in its icy prison beneath Polar Peak. Players who ventured close were able to see a giant eye glaring out from within the glacier, and its roars shook the surrounding landscape.

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Eventually, the monster broke loose from its prison, completely destroying Polar Peak in the process and leaving a snow-covered crater in its wake. From there, the creature made a bee-line for the coast, leaving a trail of giant footprints before it apparently disappeared. Cattus didn’t stay missing for long, as players began to catch glimpses of some sort of sea-serpent floating in the waters off the coast of the Battle Royale island, with the Polar Peak fortress situated atop its back.

The next monster sighting came on the outskirts of Neo Tilted, where another giant footprint appeared at the edge of the Loot Lake power plant. This sighting made it all too clear what Cattus could do; the footprint laid several buildings to waste and damaged the large conduit supplying power to the futuristic city.

We still aren’t sure yet what Cattus will look like, but it seems like a given that it’ll finally make an appearance with the advent of Season 10.

The Mech

fortnite season 10 robot
Image courtesy Epic Games

Shortly after Cattus appeared near Neo Tilted, the facilities at Pressure Plant began undergoing some drastic changes. A giant pit was constructed at the center of the former volcano, and it soon became apparent that this new site would serve as a construction facility for a giant bipedal robot. The robot in question began to take shape over the course of several days, with various parts and limbs being added to reveal the massive scale of the mech in question.

With Cattus continuing to roam the map unchecked, it seems pretty likely that this robot is being constructed in an attempt to battle the monster. What that battle is going to look like in terms of gameplay is still uncertain; players have long speculated that a multiplayer boss battle will be coming to Battle Royale, so perhaps we could see players aiding this mech in the fight against Cattus.

The Mayhem

fortnite season 10 public service announcement
Image courtesy Epic Games

Most recently, public service announcement billboards such as the one above have been appearing at Neo Titled, Pressure Plant, and Mega Mall. The billboards all offer warnings to players, showing images of Sky Platforms with the message to get to high ground. Other billboards show the image above, which depicts a player wearing a jetpack alongside the slogan “Duck and Hover.”

Both warnings seem to indicate that players are going to need to get off the ground in Season 10. Since Cattus appears to be some kind of aquatic monster, we predict that a large part of the map will flood, leading to players fighting on islands or the sunken ruins of wrecked locations. Regardless, it seems like we’ve got all the pieces in place for a massive “Pacific Rim”-style kaiju battle.

With these two Titans clashing, it seems likely that the map is going to be getting a drastic and destructive makeover, flood or no flood. We expect to see some familiar locations getting flattened and some new locations being added, and that jetpack being teased in the billboards is sure to shake up gameplay.

Whatever Season 10 ends up bringing to the table, be sure to check back with Softonic for in-depth weekly challenge guides and regular updates on everything Fortnite.

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