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Fortnite is going back to the past. The much anticipated Season X has dropped, marking Fortnite’s 2-year anniversary and 10th Battle Royale Season. As such, this epic event is bringing some massive changes to the game. Strap in, because playing Fortnite Season X will have you experiencing some major deja vu.


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Fortnite Season 10 is here

Back to the past

fortnite season 10 dusty depot meteor
Image courtesy Epic Games

Fortnite Season 9 ended in appropriately spectacular fashion, with the long-teased Cattus monster facing off with the giant mech suit in the fields surrounding Loot Lake. It was a truly awe-inspiring fight, and just when it looked like Cattus would triumph, the mech grabbed some kind of energy ball from the mysterious Loot Lake vault and used it to defeat the monster. If you missed the event in-game, check it out here, because it’s something you really don’t want to miss:

Though the mech triumphed in the end, there was still more to come. Soon, another energy sphere appeared above the damage vault, counting down to the start of Season 10. When the sphere activated, a massive energy pulse enveloped the map… which apparently really messed up the timeline.

fortnite season 10 time warp
Image courtesy Epic Games

Fortnite has been messing with time since at least Season 5, but Season 10 is really going to be sending us for a loop. Already, we’ve seen the crater at Dusty Divot disappear, replaced by the original Dusty Depot. That’s not all: the meteor from the Season 3 finale that destroyed the warehouses appears to be frozen in time right above the warehouses.

fortnite season 10 meteor
Image courtesy Epic Games

This appears to be the first of many new Rift Zones, areas of the map that have been unstuck in time following the events of the season finale. Look around for more of these areas as the season progresses, and expect to see some familiar locations from past seasons making a comeback.

New challenges

fortnite season 10 challenges
Image courtesy Epic Games

Aside from the sweeping changes happening in the Fortnite map, big changes are being made to the game itself as well. Weekly Challenges are gone, and have been replaced with a new format of nested challenges. These themed challenges can be finished at any time and at any pace, and are released in weekly batches of several at a time. Daily Challenges are gone as well, replaced with new limited time only nested challenges. You’ll only have a few days to finish these LTM challenges before they disappear.

Each themed challenge set contains several sub-challenges. Completing these challenges will unlock more challenges within the theme, which nets players different rewards along the way. Though finishing challenges will be rewarded with the usual smattering of Battle Stars, cosmetic rewards have also been added that include skins, back bling, mining tools, and more. It’s a new format that may take some getting used to, but also one that promises some pretty sweet loot.

New gear

fortnite season 10 mech suit
Image courtesy Epic Games

As usual, plenty of new gear has been added with the advent of the new season. First and foremost are the intimidating B.R.U.T.E. mech suits. These combat mechs require multiple players to pilot: one to drive and one to shoot. Facing one down can be a challenge, but functionally they act just like any other in-game vehicle.

In addition to the new mechs, some weapons from past seasons are returning, such as the Bolt-Action Sniper. New weapons such as Epic and Legendary rarities for the Tactical Shotgun are also appearing in game, as well as the unique semi-auto Storm Sniper that will allow players to monitor the enclosing storm while scoped in.

Season 10 promises to be a wild ride, and these are doubtless the first of many changes in store for Fortnite. Check back with Softonic for all the latest Fortnite news, weekly challenge guides, and more.

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