Fortnite gets a Borderlands crossover

Alex LaFreniere


The world of Pandora has come to the Fortnite island as part of a surprise Borderlands crossover. Players that head to the game’s desert biome will be able to see a variety of areas inspired by 2k’s upcoming shoot-and-loot game as part of the Fortnite x Mayhem event.

Fortnite gets a Borderlands crossover

fortnite borderlands crossover
Image courtesy Epic Games

Borderlands 3 made headlines and caused controversy earlier this year when it was announced that the forthcoming game would be exclusive to the Epic Games store. That partnership between 2K and Epic seems to be continuing in the form of a massive bundle of Borderlands content for Fortnite. Players that visit the in-game store will be able to purchase a Psycho character skin; these marauders are some of the most prevalent enemies in the Borderlands world. In addition, a pair of Buzz Axe mining tools and Claptrap back bling are also available for purchase.

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Claptrap is just as annoying (or lovable?) as ever, acting similar to one of Fortnite’s in-game pets. He’ll provide color commentary during play and react extensively to the world, and is easily one of the most animated and lively back blings in the game to date.

fortnite psycho skin
Image courtesy Epic Games

In addition to the new store items, players have until September 10th to complete a set of Borderlands-inspired challenges. Doing so will net tons of Borderlands themed rewards, from stickers to emotes to weapon skins worthy of any Vault Hunter.

borderlands fortnite area
Image courtesy Epic Games

Jumping into the game itself, players that head to the southeastern edge of the map’s desert area will find themselves in for a trip to the lawless world of Pandora. The game world within the Rift Zone has been given an almost total overhaul. The first and most apparent feature is the change to the game’s visuals. The saturated color palette and cel-shaded graphics in the area are ripped straight from Borderlands, and will leave players wondering if they accidentally stumbled into a different game.

The area itself is also loaded with new locations and items, such as Pandora’s alien-looking flora and fauna and collections of ramshackle wasteland settlements. Even the game’s chest have received a makeover to look like in-game loot chests from Borderlands.

It’s an ambitious crossover, and one that serves to cement the relationship between 2K and Epic. Borderlands 3 will be available September 13th, and the Fortnite event will run until September 10th. Hopefully, though, this colorful new Borderlands area will stay in-game until the end of Season 10.

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