Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am 2019 Highlight Reel

Alex LaFreniere

Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am
Comedian Joel McHale prepares for battle.

As of last count, over 250 million players around the world are parachuting in from the Battle Bus to play Fortnite: Battle Royale. It stands to reason that plenty of celebs are playing too, from musicians to actors to sports stars.

Last year, Fortnite creator Epic Games launched the Fortnite Pro-Am as a charity event to bring those celebs to center stage, pairing them off with professional Fortnite streamers and gamers for a tournament as part of the Fortnite Summer Block Party in Los Angeles. The second annual Pro-Am came to a close this past weekend, and this star-studded battle royale event was certainly a spectacle to behold. Just in case you missed it, here’s a look at the standout moments from the 2019 Fortnite Pro-Am.

Fortnite Pro-Am 2019 Highlight Reel

fortnite party pro am
Image courtesy Epic Games

As with last year’s Pro-Am, the tournament took the form of several large-scale Duos team matches. Each Duo was comprised of a veteran Fortnite player paired with a celebrity, and the player roster for this year included some pretty big names. On the gamer side, players included pro-streamers Ninja, DrLupo, Airwaks, and Cloazky. Celebrity players had big names of their own, including Panic! at the Disco’s Brendon Urie, “Community” actor Joel McHale, comedian Hannibal Burress, and Reggie Jackson of the Detroit Pistons. Over 50 pairs comprised the all-star lineup.

Players then competed in a series of four Battle Royale matches, accumulating points based on certain actions. The points breakdown was as follows:

  • Victory Royale: 10 points
  • Top 5 finish: 7 points
  • Top 10 finish: 5 points
  • Top 15 finish: 3 points
  • Eliminations: 1 point
fortnite pro am final roster
Image courtesy Epic Games

Airwaks and musician RL Grimes shot to an early lead with a Victory Royale in match one, with additional points earned for an impressive 16 eliminations. This early lead would prove crucial over the remaining games, and the duo held that lead to be crowned the 2019 Pro-Am champions with a cumulative 53 points.

Despite their ultimate victory, Airwaks and RL Grimes weren’t able to claim any additional Victory Royales. The remaining wins in the tournament went to the following teams:

  • Match 2: Ayden and Robert Abisi (Lost Kings)

Match 2 came down to a showdown between Ayden and BuckeFPS that ended when Ayden forced Bucke into the encroaching storm, eliminating him to take the top spot.

  • Match 3: Typical Gamer and Jimmy O. Yang (Actor/Comedian, “Silicon Valley”)

Match 3 ended in a three-way standoff between Typical Gamer, Airwaks, and Jarvis Kaye. After taking out Airwaks, Typical Gamer landed a well-placed shot on Kaye to secure his victory.

  • Match 4: Symfuhny and Jonathan Vogt-Roberts (director, “Kong: Skull Island”)

Symfuhny and Aydan duked it out for the top spot in Round 4. The match came to a rather embarrassing conclusion when Symfuhny destroyed his opponent’s fort and Aydan fell to his death.

Last year’s winners, a team comprised of Ninja and DJ Marshmello, unfortunately didn’t make the cut this year. Marshmello didn’t return to compete, and Ninja and partner Marshawn Lynch finished in 19th place.

After all was said and done, the event raised a whopping $3 million for various charities, chosen by the individual teams.

fortnite pro am charities
Image courtesy Epic Games

As winners, Airwaks and RL Grimes received a grand total of $1 million to donate to their charities of choice. Though the 2nd annual Pro-Am has come to a close, fans can stay tuned for the upcoming conclusion of the Fortnite World Cup next month.

You can watch the whole tournament here:

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