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7 tips to avoid dying right away in Fortnite Battle Royale

Nacho Requena Molina


Fortnite: Battle Royale has become the phenomenon of 2018. During 2017, its big rival (PUBG) won the popularity contest. This year, Fortnite is beating all the records. A few weeks ago, Elrubius and other YouTubers got an audience of more than 10 million viewers (among all the channels) while playing the game.

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If you want to join in, here you’ll find seven tips to avoid dying right away on Fortnite.

Choose your landing spot well

This is a basic tip that any expert player will tell you: choose your landing spot well. It’s key that you do this before launching yourself from the Battle Bus, since there could be areas that you can sweep through better than others. Also, and this is key, you shouldn’t forget that there are 99 other players trying to kill you, so watch where they land so you’re not right next to them.

Grab a gun

The second “tip” is also basic: grab a gun. Many users go directly to collect supplies, but our advice is that you start going into buildings to find a gun, rifle, machine gun, etc. It doesn’t matter what kind you get, the important thing is that you have one at the start so you can blow up your enemies.


You made a good landing, scooped up a gun to defend yourself, and now it’s time to construct buildings. Yes, to do this, you need to collect supplies first. Choose the pickaxe and start destroying everything you can. The more materials you have in your inventory, the better. You don’t want to start building a wall and running out of materials midway through.

Learn to build well

Here’s where we get into the advanced stuff. It’s one thing to know how to build a wall (the previous “tip”). It’s another thing to know when to do it.  The best players of Fortnite have shown that they can build elements with frightening speed and in extreme situations. Thanks to these walls, ramps, etc. they are better protected (and covered) against enemies. If you know how to use these materials well, we can assure you’ll be in the top 20 of almost all games.

Watch your surroundings

You could camp out and wait for the enemy. Or you could run for your life. Somewhere in the middle is best, so keep watching your surroundings, but never stop what you’re doing. For example, a good tip is to take advantage of the existing buildings, since they offer materials for building and additional protection. 


If it’s important to watch your surroundings, remember that all players are doing this. Open fire only when you’re in an extreme situation or when you think the setting is in your favor. It’s usually a common error to see an enemy, shoot without thinking, and later say, “He was very far away, I should have stayed quiet.” Likewise, weapons aren’t the only thing that make noise: building elements does, too. Oh and don’t forget that a player can see you building from a distance.

Don’t forget the storm

Our final tip is the most ridiculous, but perhaps the most important: watch the storm. If you’re within the exclusion area, after a while you know you could die in a matter of seconds. Though it’s hard to believe, it’s unusual to have a game where players don’t die under the cloud.

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